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MyAcademy has created this platform as a resource for you to find experienced and qualified coaches to support you in your professional development. Browse our coaching panel and find the coach who is right for you.

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MyAcademy Coaching helps individuals and teams thrive through change

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Research shows that coaching can improve performance

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Invest in your growth and development


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Find A Coach

Find A Coach

Stories of Transformation

We have clarity on where we stand as a business in terms of our revenue and new reporting system. The coaching has been a great source of support, I am starting to see success.


I've started looking at what are the roadblocks that others face and helping them remove it rather than at what they are doing wrong. I'm more patient and people are coming to me with their problems (personal and professional)


As I progressed and grappled with this goal, I realised that the initial KPI's might not have been the best measuring stick to utilise in this instance. Practical implications such as time blocking and focusing on being present really contributed to the outcomes and the success stated above. Craig had a huge influence In coming to this clarity.


I had an executive coaching course after ELP. And this was a turning point in my career, professional and personal development. Even if it is hard to find reasons and direct connections, but I can say that during the coaching period, my performance was on the highest level of my career.


Big improvement. Still working on it, but a definite shift in the right direction and my working relationships with colleagues and function heads. The direction I got was very useful and applicable to my goals.


The team is delivering very well on their own. Expectations have been set and the team has stabilized nicely. We have clarity on where we stand as a business in terms of our revenue and new reporting system.


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